• Discover the authentic Soap of Marseille (savon de Marseille)
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Discover the authentic Soap of Marseille (savon de Marseille)



Authentic Soap of Marseille (savon de Marseille) is  made of 72% of EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil, and hand-made in Marseille according to the ancestral tradition. The authentic Marseilles soap is a 100 % natural product without any coloring or artificial additives.

Most of all, it does not contain paraben preservatives, EDTA or other petrochemicals present in industrial soaps . Soap of Marseille is recommended worldwide by dermatologists for dry skin condition & skin ailments. Its incredible purity makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

In France, it has been trusted by generations to cleanse everything from linens to little faces. Discover below tips and hints for using Marseilles soap… and recipes passed down from our grandmothers!


Marseille soap can be used to:


- Wash face and body - a natural composition guarantees safety. It is a hypoallergenic product because it does not contain any chemicals or preservatives and is ideal for sensitive and allergy prone skins. It is

safe to use for baby skin.

- Do your laundry and remove stains . As a natural washing powder it  is gentle on delicates linen (wool, silk, baby cloth, lingerie) and avoid allergies and irritations. As a stain remover, gently rub the humidified

Marseille soap on dry cloth before washing or mixed some soap flakes with warm water and let the stained cloth soaked for 30 min to overnight (depending on the stain) (ideal for shirt collars).

- Shaving: Lather up your Marseille soap until you get nice, creamy foam. The olive oil in Savon de Marseille will have a protective and smoothing effect on the skin.

- Clean small wounds. It can be used as an antiseptic and anti-bacterial. For first aid, Marseilles soap can be used for cleaning small wounds and grazes

- Perfume your clothes: Put a piece of Marseille soap at the bottom of your wardrobe.

- Repel clothes moths: Place a piece of Marseille soap in the middle of your clothes, it will act as a moth repellent.

- Clean your teeth : It can be used as a toothpaste (good for your gums and leaves teeth clean and white)


These tips are only pieces of advice. TFA accepts no responsibility for any negative side effects resulting from the use of Marseille soap.


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